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Welcome to the Hunterstory Wiki[edit | edit source]

Hello! This is Hunterstory, a huntering game made by Crovy. It's one of my favorite games. By now I completed it like 40 times. There is also another game called Hunterstory 2, made by Tukkun. Information on that game will be in here too (Not the bows, there are too many to list. And a couple missions).

Hunterstory Overview[edit | edit source]

Hunterstory is a ... RPG game where you take the place of a hunter. You are supposed to kill monsters, level up, kill monsters, earn mesos, kill monsters, buy a better bow, kill monsters etc. etc. You unlock missions by doing earlier missions and getting grade points (With the exception with Call of Zakum, You get that by eating tons and tons of fortune cookies.). There are 9 pages of different bows, and 1 page of secret bows. The better bow that you have, the more damage you do, the more damage you do, the harder monsters you kill, the faster that you train and earn mesos. There are a number of ways to hack this game, though I advise you not to. Earlier versions were sometimes more fun to play, as they didn't have as many restrictions. But if you want to play this game click here. If you wish to go to an older version click here.

*IMPORTANT!!!!* Both versions of Hunterstory seem to be down from Now there is no "official" site for hunterstory. Luckily I DO have the .swf file of Hunterstory so you might as well just play on that. Any other site that has hunterstory is fine too, though I believe most of them if not all are old versions. Anyways, click here to download. As long as you have flash player, you should be able to open and play it. Also, here's how to transfer your saved game to the .swf file. First, play on the .swf and kill a snail to level up. Then, go to My Computer-->Local Disc (C:)-->Documents and Settings-->(You login User, like the one you use to log into ur computer)-->Application Data-->Macromedia-->Flash Player-->#SharedObjects-->(Random Letters and Numbers)-->(The site you use, for example "" or "" or "" 'or something)-->Then there will be a file called "keylog1337.sol". Copy that file. Then go back to the random letters and numbers. This time, double click on "localhost" and you should see a file called "keylog1337.sol". That is the file that has a level 2 noob on it. Replace that file with your other keylog1337.sol and now when you play hunterstory by the .swf, you will have all the stuff you used to have. Also, an important note. KEYLOG1337.SOL IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT MIGHT BE!!! THE CREATOR SIMPLY DECIDED TO MAKE THE PROGRESS FILE NAMED LIKE THAT!!! IT IS NOT A VIRUS, I REPEAT IT IS NOT A VIRUS OR KEYLOGGER!!!!!!! And thats it!

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